Manage Change with Story Mapping and BAPO

Use Story Mapping and BAPO to create a visualisation of you change plan. Can also be used to continuously re-plan and track your change effort. It’s a great tool to co-create with your change team and stakeholders.

60-120 minutes
Number of people
5-15 people, the change team and stakeholders and/or managers
Sticky notes, whiteboard or similar digital tool


  • A canvas or whiteboard with the framework
  • Book a room and invite your team and other stakeholders


Start with an empty board

Focus on things needed to happen in the change you are embarking. It can be research, experiments och activities

  • All: Use a sticky note to write down activities to be done within each column; Business, Architecture, Process, Organisation
  • Place the stickies in the column they belong to
  • Everyone describes what they have written
  • Group if necessary

Create Slices

  • Create slices that hang together through the BAPO steps

Fill in the gaps

  • Identify the holes in your map and try to add what is missing
  • The goal is to create slices that hang together and make sense in a ”theme” or ”phase”
  • Add the name of the ”phase” to the left
  • If a slice is too thick, split it in smaller slices, but keep meaningful items in all BAPO column for each slice


  • This is a starting point, focus on the uppser slices
  • Use the board to track what is done by adding a checkmark to the item
  • Use the board to communicate the plan and to invite people to join
  • Every activity should be a single sticky note
  • Keep your activities short and precise
  • Discuss and agree as a team