Effort vs impact prioritization

The purpose of this workshop method is to create alignment about prioritization. This method can be used for prioritization of ideas and other activities.

20-60 minutes
Number of people
This is a team exercise. Bring your team and your stakeholders.
Post its & pens and wall or similar online tools like Mural 


  1. Invite people you need alignment and help to prioritize.
  2. Collect all your business ideas, tasks or other things that you want to prioritize.
  3. Print the template and put it on the wall, including all the post-its or use a similar on digital form.


  1. Describe the template for the team.
    1. Vertical axis is impact
    2. Horizontal axis is organizational effort
  2. Make the team put up the post-its with the things you want to prioritize in the different areas.
  3. Have a discussion and move the post-its around until you are done.
  4. Make a decision what ideas you want to continue to work on (sometimes you wish to start with ideas that have big impact and little effort (low-hanging fruits), but sometimes you wish to start with an idea that has big impact and big effort. 

Example of a prioritization exercise