What is, what if, what wows

The purpose of this workshop is to synthesize and group ideas into different topics based creative hights, which will help you and the team to prioritize which ideas to focus on.

The idea is that you will create ideas that are similar to current offering (what is), crazy ideas that might be outside the box (what if) and ideas that visionary but still within the your brand (what wows).

Time frame
20-60 minutes
Number of people
This is a team exercise. No limit but good to have groups of 4-7 people.
Post its & pens and wall or similar online digital tool



  • What is close to what we or others offer today?
  • Is this a better version of what we offer today?


  • What do you aspire your organization to be?
  • What arenas do you want to play in the long term? (e.g. markets, geographies, technologies, etc.)
  • What kind of financial performance do you hope to achieve?


  • How do you want the outside world to perceive you? (e.g. customers, stakeholders, shareholders, media, etc.)
  • What does your brand stand for?
  • What is unique that only we can create?
  • What will make your children proud of you?


  1. Draw three circles or boxes on your white board or similar digital tool
  2. Take all your solutions and ideas that you have created and start map them into the the three circles.
    1. What is: A solution that similar to what you or your competitor do today
    2. What if: A solution that is out of the box and might be a bit crazy
    3. What wows: A solution that is something new but still ”on brand”
  3. Have a discussion about which one of the solutions and ideas that you would continue to work on.