Test Cards

The purpose of the test card is to clearly define what you will test in an experiment. The more you can define it the easier it will be to validate or not the experiment. What is a good experiment? A good experiment is precise enough so that team members can replicate it and generate usable and comparable data.

The different parts in the test card to fill in with your team

  1. Hypothesis: The most critical hypothesis from the top right quadrant of your Assumptions Map.
  2. Experiment details: The description of the experiment you will run to support or refute the hypothesis.
  3. Metrics and goals: The data you will measure as part of the experiment.
  4. Criteria:The success criteria for your experiment metrics.
1 hour per week depending on the size of your team and how aligned you are
Number of people
1-7 people. It’s a team exercise
Print Test Card template use similar digital solution


  1. Make sure you have created assumptions and done an assumption mapping exercise
  2. Pick the most critical assumptions from the top right quadrant of your Assumptions Map.
  3. Print Test Card templates or use a similar digital solution


  1. Start by describing the background and context
  2. Follow the steps on the Test Card and add information
    1. Hypothesis
    2. Experiment details
    3. Metric
    4. Criteria
  3. Create as many Test Card you think is possible to test in the next test phase.
  4. Your next step is to design your actual test or experiment.

This play is based on test cards from the book, Testing Business Ideas by Strategizer