Learning Card

After an experiment, you can use learning cards to summarize your insights from your tests. There is a difference between looking at something and looking for something. Evidence on its own will not help you to reduce risk in your business idea.

For the purposes of testing business ideas, business insights are defined as:

  • what you learn from studying the evidence
  • learning related to the validity of a hypothesis and potential discovery of new directions
  • the foundation to make informed business decisions and take action
  • something you didn’t know before the experiment
Learning cards by Strategizer

To find insights from your experiments, you will use learning cards that consists of:

  • Hypothesis
  • Observations
  • Insights
  • Actions
1 hour per week depending on the size of your team and how aligned you are
Number of people
1-7 people. It’s a team exercise
Print Test Card templates or use similar digital solutio


  1. Make sure you have conducted your experiment.
  2. Book your team for a session to summarize your learnings and document them
  3. Bring your Test Cards that you used for your experiment


  1. Bring up your Test Cards and go through them one by one
  2. Fill in your Learning Card step by step
    1. Hypothesis
    2. Observation
    3. Insights
    4. Actions
  3. Last have a discussion and take a decision on your next step
    1. Retire (kill)
    2. Pivot
    3. Persevere
    4. Continue testing


There are three dimensions to help you determine your confidence level:

  1. Type and strength of evidence: Different types of evidence have different strengths. A quote from an interview is a relatively weak indicator of future behaviour. A purchase in a simulated sale is a strong indicator of future behaviour.
  2. Number of data points per experiment: The more data points you have, the better. Five quotes from personal customer interviews is obviously weaker than 100 quotes. However, those same quotes are likely to be more accurate than 100 data points in an anonymous customer survey.
  3. Number and types of experiments conducted for the same hypothesis:Your confidence level should rise with the number of experiments you conduct to test the same hypothesis. Three interview series are better than one. Conducting interviews, surveys, and simulated sales to test the same hypothesis is even better.

Based on your three dimensions, your hypothesis confident level will vary. This will help you take your next action.

This play is based on test cards from the book, Testing Business Ideas by Strategizer