Design Studio Workshop

The purpose of a Design Studio is to generate numerous ideas and create alignment within the team and with stakeholders.

20-120 minutes
Number of people
This is a team exercise. No limit but good to have groups of 4-7 people. Please invite stakeholders if possible
A4 papers, Post its & pens and wall or similar online


  1. Book a room and invite everyone
  2. Send out background information if possible like reports, customer descriptions, market analysis, goals, and strategies.


  1. Start by describing the background and context
  2. Write or tell everyone the “How might we”-questions. This will help you to frame your work and be the base of the ideation. For example, “How might we create a sustainable and circular interior design service for governments?”. 
  3. Ask if there are any questions before everyone starts ideate
  4. Ask everyone to write at least X number of ideas and solution of the given opportunity. It can be 3 or 10, it’s up to you. They should be different from each other. This should take about 10-20 minutes. A good thing is to try to make people sketch and not only write on the post-it or papers (so not just text). You might use a digital whiteboard like Mural if you are doing it digital and remote.
  5. When done, ask the first person to describe their solutions, with no discussion. When done, give feedback. Use the formula, create, present and feedback.
  6. Take the next person and go around the table.
  7. If possible, do a few iterations and ask the team to build on or make mash-ups combining several ideas.
  8. Ask the team to group similar ideas