Measure and follow up on your design capability efforts

We often get questions about how to follow up or measure your design capability efforts. Here are some Objectives & Key Results (OKR) that we often use based on three areas, efficiencyquality or satisfaction.


  • Lead time of delivery
  • Cycle time
  • Designers vs developers
  • Number of designers per product/business area
  • Monthly active work on specific product
  • Time to deliver an activity
  • % time spent on design
  • Number of design training sessions in the organization
  • Roles documented
  • Onboarding time (when a designer feels he/she is up and running)


  • Number of one-and-ones coaching sessions
  • Number of design feedback sessions
  • Number of design bugs
  • Documented processes, methods and tools
  • Internal and external events
  • How often C-levels speak or mention design work internally or externally


  • Satisfaction rate/trend in designer group
  • Satisfaction rate clients/organization/PO/PM
  • Designers turn over rate
  • Customer/user satisfaction rate/trend

Which OKR do you use to measure success?