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Jens Wedin

My name is, Jens. I work with
Design- & Product Leadership + Coach + Training

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Jens has worked in the digital product space for over 20 years helping brands create customer driven products and services. He has experience from working as a consultant at design agencies, in-house at large product companies and governments. He has worked both on operative-, tactical- and strategic level with design and products.

Jens has a unique experience of understanding the blend of people, design, product, and technology. He knows how to bridge the gap between agile, lean startup and design thinking. Jens has been a driver of large transformations and always bring the human side to everything.  He is a teacher, training organizations in product innovation and design leadership. He is the founder of the international non-profit organization, Design Leadership Community and State of Design Report. Jens also writes and produce a podcast at jenswedin.com. 2021 Jens was awarded the STIMDI’s grand price.

He has experience in

  • Coach designers, teams and leadership
  • Design and Product leadership
  • Design Operations
  • Transformation and agile change
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Training and education

Jens, as a person is

  • Coaching and a people person
  • Agile and curious
  • Empowering and prestigeless
  • Calm and positive
  • Outcome driven
  • Creative and visionary

The Latest assignments

2018 to now — SeventyOne Consulting

Trygg-Hansa 2021 to now — Design & Agile Coach

Jens coach and support Trygg-Hansa within two areas, CX- and agile transformation

  • Design Leadership Coach — support the CX and UX department with professional coaching which includes setting a way to work, building design capabilities on a tactical and operational level
  • Agile Coach — support their agile transformation by supporting tactical product leaders (value stream leaders) by introducing tactical and customer first ceremonies

Blocket 2022 to now — Design Leadership Coach

Jens 1-1 coach three UX Design Managers — support the UX managers with professional coaching which includes setting a way to work, building design capabilities on a tactical and operational level.

Sectra 2022 to now — Product Management Coach

Jens coach and train the Product Management Team on way of work, process, methods, and product discovery.

White Arkitekter 2019 to 2021 — Innovation Coach

Jens worked with White to plan, coach and execute an innovation program and lab, which included overall strategy, structure, competence, and way of work. He helped on strategic, tactical and operative level within the organization.

  • He worked as a coach and business designer to coach 7+ teams to create their value proposition and validate their offer with customers. Some services are now part of Whites offers.
  • Support in setting process and structure on a tactical level for managers and leaders. For example, funding, shark tank, evaluation, and training leaders for innovation
  • Setting overall process and methodology for innovation teams
  • Trained in-house innovation coaches to continue the work when he is leaving the organization
  • Helped part of the organization to start work OKRs and start to work in an agile way of working.

Fortnox 2020 to now — Product- & Design Leadership Coach

Jens coach and support Fortnox with product- and design leadership coaching.

  • Design Leadership Coach — support design management with professional coaching which includes setting a way of work, building design capabilities which will leverage the designer in their work
  • Product Leadership Coach – support in creating the product organization with organization design, way of work, processes, and methods
  • Train and educate product and design organization on operative, tactical and strategic level in product discovery

AMF 2019 to 2020 — Way of Work Coach

Supporting AMF in their organizational transformation with way of work. Jens was part of the change agents who worked with creating educational material, training and education in modern way of work. Coaching teams, product owners and team coaches. He was also part of the planing, executing and supporting the organization in remote, digital and blended Big Room Planning.

Avanza 2018 to 2020 — Product Discovery Coach

Jens has worked with multiple teams at Avanza to help them become better with Product Discovery. He has coached and trained teams and individuals in Design Thinking, Lean UX, Lean Startup and creating hypothesis to validate with their customers. He also helped the team to create their roadmap and hypothesis portfolio and guiding principles when working with Product Discovery.

Försäkringskassan 2021 — Keynote Speaker and facilitator

Supporting Försäkringskassans Design Guild in assessing their current design capability and set a vision and plan for improving their way of work.

Visma 2020 — Keynote Speaker and facilitator

Speaking to the product, tech and design organisation at Visma about way of work with focus on goals and metrics on an operative, tactical and strategic level. The Keynote was followed up with a workshop to set the roadmap for working with goals and metrics in the future.

SiteVision 2018 to 2020 — Design Leadership

Jens has worked with management to evaluate their current state and help to create a future vision of where they way to be when it comes to their product- and design capability. He has helped them in recruiting UX Designers.

AMF 2018 to 2019 — Product Owner

During 1.5 year Jens was a product owner for an agile team who is responsible for legal and financial communication with AMFs 4 million customers. The main responsibility was to prioritize the team work and manage peers and stakeholders. The work also includes coordination, planning and follow-up with all product teams at AMF.

Bonnier Books Nova 2018 to 2019 — Design- and Innovation Coach

Coach CEO in design and innovation processes and speaker for their innovation programme.

Fyndiq 2018 — Design Coach

Coach Fyndiq team in user research and ideation processes, methods and tools.

Hyper Island 2018 — Speaker

Speaking for the Data Strategist program about leading change

Uppsala Länstrafik 2018 — Design Coach

Facilitated and coached the process to create an understanding of the current state of design, an aligned vision and future roadmap how to amplify design in the organization.

Umeå Energi 2018 — Design Coach

Helped the C-level management hire their first service designer. 

Skandia 2018 — Design Coach

Coached the design/marketing management in various design topics, from design roles, processes, methods, collaboration with peers, design and SAFe, hiring and salaries.

Full bio

2015 to 2018 — Handelsbanken, Director of User Experience 

Agile Transformation

During two years Jens initiated and lead the agile transformation at Handelsbanken. From the first small steps to now a full implementation of SAFe. The change has gone from one team of 8 people to over hundreds of people in both IT and business. The change is now part of a bigger transformation where leadership, HR, finance, strategy, training, way of work, operations and governance is part of the change. Jens role in the transformation has been to lead and support the organization, leaders and executive management. Jens has recruited both agile change agents and consultants to help in this journey and implemented an agile/lean learning program for individuals and leaders.

  • Initiate agile transformation
  • Driver of vision and strategy
  • Driver of agile change team
  • Coach and first contact with executive management
  • Hire agile coaches and consultants
  • Initiate agile learning programme 
  • Support PMO in governance
  • Spokesperson for agile change in organisation

Design Leadership & DesignOps

Jens has worked for 2.5 years scaling the design capacity from 4 to 20 designers. He has broadened the design team to include both UX designers, Interface Designer and Service Designers. 

During this period he has moved the design team from a Swedish perspective to a global perspective serving all home markets.

He has work to codify the design at Handelsbanken with unified design process, roles, methods and tools. He started an initiative to do continuous customer research in-house in the Handelsbankens usability lab.

During his period at Handelsbanken he started new three design teams;

  • a discovery team to do exploratory omni-channel research
  • a designOps team to create a unified design system
  • a customer research and strategy team to support home markets with service design, customer journeys and product strategy

Create a Design Culture

Jens has been the experience design guild master at Handelsbanken making sure the designers had a chance to meet, socialize and learn from each other. He made sure that all the designer could meet regularly at guild days to learn new methods, discuss design and have fun.

Jens has worked to create a great place to work at, where people co-create, laugh and is proud of. He created a learning culture where he empowered people to do experiments, an example when he got the bank to do their first public beta of their website.

Competence and awareness

To scale design beyond the design group he led the work to create a training programme in both Design Thinking for managers and Service Design for individuals in all home markets. The purpose is to make Handelsbanken even more customer-centric.

To create a better understanding and awareness Jens made sure to spread design often on the intranet, large forums and at executive management to increase interest and get higher attention and a larger budget.

Going from buttons to business

During his period, Jens made sure to take design from operative to strategic level. In the beginning the designer mostly focused on digital interaction design. By hard work from all designers the projects became more and more strategic. By the end the designers were supporting business and management in creating roadmaps and priorities at the portfolio level for different channels.

Attract and keep talents

Jens worked both at creating a good process for hiring talents and doing the interviews sourcing the best ones. He made sure to make competence reviews and follow up. 

Digital Strategy

Jens led the work to create the first customer-centric digital strategy for the Swedish home market. The strategy aimed to align six regional banks and creating a roadmap connecting the goals to digital metrics.

2015 — 2019  – Berghs School of Communication

Advisory Board

Jens is part of the Berghs Advisory Board the support Berghs management on reinventing their offer.

Design Leadership

A course for design leaders and managers for have the need to amplify their design efforts.

UX Product Development

A hands-on training in Design Thinking, Service Design, Lean UX and Agile.

2012 to 2015 — Valtech

Team Lead and User Experience Designer. 2012-2015

At Valtech Jens started as a User Experience Designer. The last year he got a team lead responsibility where he coached ten designers. 

Team Lead 2015

As a team lead Jens coached about ten designers. He worked with planning and prioritization of work and doing personal and professional coaching.

Teliasonera 2015

Jens delivered strategy, design, research and UX & agile coaching to the development team who created a mobile app for self-service in five markets and on 3 different platforms.

The Swedish Royal Library 2015

He delivered user research, interaction design, collaborative design and helping the team prioritizing the project work.

TUI (Fritidsresor) 2013-2015

At TUI Jens supported five agile teams as a user experience designer

  • User research
  • Interaction design
  • Impact mapping
  • Prototyping
  • Strategy
  • Requirements

Part of a team delivering a new internal core system for the Swedish part of the company. My main responsibilities are user experience design and research including effect mapping, user research, design strategy, prototyping and delivering requirements to the tech team.

Supporting two to five agile developing teams with user experience design and research for the external website.

Interaction design of a responsive (mobile, tablet, desktop) search and payment funnel where the users can search and book trips.

Interaction design for customers MyPage on external website where customers can communicate with the company in a modern way.

Interaction- & visual design for an extranet solution based on Sharepoint 2013. Validate design with users and requirement work with stakeholders.

Scandic hotels 2014

User research to collect insights about travel and hotel bookings for families.

Inera 2012-2013

Design lead for a team developing and updating Ineras website. New graphic design, interaction design and structure which should lead to better user experience.

Sitevision 2012-2013

Helping a CMS vendor create a set of guiding design principles and guidelines for their content management system. Won InUse Awards for best usable system 2015.

Scandic hotels 2012

User research and usability test for a global hotel chain. Helping the client understand more about needs and wants for their mobile site and booking process.

Envirotainer 2012

A Lean Pre-Study, Inception where I as a User Experience Designer worked with product vision and goals, effect mapping and defining a user experience strategy.

The Swedish Research Council 2012

Overall design concept, design principles, interaction design and graphic design for a system where users (and projects) can apply for project grants.

ICA Mobile Banking 2012

In the near future concept work for the Swedish Bank ICA. Ideation, storytelling, filming & editing.

Swedish Pensions Agency 2012

A multi-channel usability study and design improvements of their communication.

2008 to 2012 — Antrop, User Experience Designer

Worked as a user experience designer for the following companies;

  • PostNord
  • Svenska Spel
  • Ving
  • Trafik Stockholm
  • Sitevision
  • Eskilstuna energi
  • One unified service plattform (Skatteverket, Försäkringskassan, Arbetsförmedlingen, & Tullverket)

2005 to 2008 — Skatteverket, Digital Designer

Jens worked for Skatteverket with;

  • Product Lead
  • Digital Design & Information Architecture
  • Usability & Accessibility
  • New Functionality and Services

2000 to 2005 — Nordea, Digital Designer

Jens worked for Nordea with Frontend developing & Interaction Design.


Jens has extensive knowledge and experience of how to work with design in large organizations. Jens can challenge the organization with new thoughts and a high level of ambition, which is an important characteristic of a design leader. With his calm and confident approach Jens is very good at building trust and create a foundation for change. Jens is also an inspiring, caring and positive colleague that I enjoy working with. I highly recommend Jens! – Peter Olovsson, Handelsbanken

I had the fortune to work with Jens at Handelsbanken while working there as an external agile coach. Jens was our change teams product owner, and therefore the one who worked with management to decide in which way we as coaches would be most effective in helping Handelsbanken go agile. I appreciated Jens wise and agile leadership style, both firm and humble at the same time. His excellent people and organizational skills was a solid base for creating a constantly growing change for Handelsbanken into agile which now has turned to one of the main focuses for the bank. He inspired both me personally and us as a team and devoted a lot of energy into helping us grow as a team and understanding the challenges we had to adress to make way for Handelsbankens business development to become agile, fun, productive and fruitful. His special engagement and understanding the customer experience showed to be one of the more crucial parts for this organisation to understand how to become more competitive. His patience when we had to face different obstacles was invaluable for all us, to gather strength and do what was necessary to overcome these. I regard Jens as one of my very good friends and it was an honor to work with him and I hope our paths will cross many times again in our common strive to transform business in an ever faster changing world – David Barnholdt, Crisp

I worked with Jens during his 2,5 years at Handelsbanken. As a start he was a part of my management group for digital services in Sweden and came with the mindset that nothing is impossible to do 🙂 He started to spread user experience wider within the organization and got both employees and leaders to open their eyes for this knowledge. 

He was one of the initiators to scale up the agile way of work with a customer centric focus within the bank, and he started to work with this globally with all of the banks home markets. In an big bank who worked in a certain way for a long time, it’s not an easy task to take but he did it excellent. He is really good to have close to you if you want to make a big change. 

I think his best capabilities are that he is good at coaching and advice leaders and you feel that you can always trust him (and of course not just feel, you can). He has a humble way of communicating with all kinds of people, both from business to IT to different personality types. And he truly wants to make the best decisions and have always done a lot of research in the subjects. So, I can highly recommend Jens! – Danielle Burström, Head of Digital, Handelsbanken

I have worked with Jens on a few projects in the past and it was always a pleasure. With Jens on your side you are confident to get innovate ideas, efficient work and a pleasant working atmosphere. Jens has a natural way of leading and inspires others through his extensive knowledge and experience. I highly recommend Jens and I would love to work with him again. – Ellinor Johannson, SAP

As a natural evolution of agile methods, I believe that user experience, design thinking and interaction design is the new edge for companies that want to keep up. How to integrate these methods and thinking into your core value creating teams is a key strategic question in the coming years.

If you ask me who to go to in Sweden when you want learn about it, from the highest strategic level to practical implementation in core teams, it’s Jens Wedin – Emil Vikström

I worked with Jens for 2,5 years. Jens took on the role Director of User Experience which was a new role at Handelsbanken.

Jens has leadership qualities and is easy to work with, he’s good at putting trust in the individuals and teams around him. He has a lot of knowledge about processes, tools and organization within design, lean, agile and development. And even though he is a visionary he is also pragmatic and always seems to have a realistic plan for where to go next. It is inspiring to work with Jens – I highly recommend him! – Dan Kindeborg, Handelsbanken

Jens is one of few who manage to combine the knowledge user needs, deep technical skills, and the making of user friendly and tasteful graphical design in one person. That makes Jens unique. What I in particularly appreciated when working with Jens was his ability to visualise ideas in prototypes or rough sketches and the high quality feedback discussions connected to them. Jens always strives for excellence. – Elisabeth Toftén, Skatteverket

Education & Training

Forsbergs skola  2003

Product Design

NTI skolan 1999 to 2001

Storytelling and Web/Multimedia

NTI skolan 1998 to 1999

Desktop and Web/Multimedia

Sundsvalls Art School 1995 to 1997

Photography & fine arts

Katrinelunds gymnasium 1993 to 1994

English Social Science

El colegio Sueco 1992 to 1993

Social Science

Moore High School 1991 to 1992

English and Art

Volunteer Experience

Co-Founder of Design Leadership Community 2018 –

Co-Founder of Sweden’s largest Design Leadership Community with meetups, training and mentorship programmes. 


Founder of State of Design 2016 – now

Founder of Swedens largest design survey and report within user experience, service design and design leadership. 


Mentor STIMDI 2012 – 2015

Jens acted as a mentor in the yearly STIMDI Mentor program to help people within the IXDA industry. 


Mentor Valtech 2013 – 2015 

Jens acted as a mentor in the Valtech Mentor program to help colleagues within the IXDA role.


STIMDI’s grand price

STIMDIs stora pris tilldelas Jens Wedin för sitt stora engagemang och bidrag till hela Sveriges UX-community: Genom sitt arbete som föreläsare, coach, mentor och kollega har vi alla något att lära av Jens, oavsett tidigare erfarenhet och kunskapsnivå. På ett pedagogiskt och lösningsfokuserat sätt vägleder Jens den nyfrälste designern såväl som den erfarne ledaren genom komplexa utmaningar i sin blogg, podd, undervisning, mentorskap och coachning för ett mer användarcentrerat och inkluderande samhälle.

InUse Awards 2015 for SiteVision CMS

När ett verktyg är riktigt bra, gynnar det inte bara den som hanterar verktyget. När även svåra och komplicerade rutiner kan utföras lätt och utan ansträngning, kan hantverkaren ägna mer tid åt att tänka på finishen, och på hur produkten verkligen ska gynna konsumenterna, slutanvändarna, målgruppen. Kort sagt: När hantverkaren arbetar med glädje gynnas alla som får del av resultatet av hens arbete. När det handlar om en så stor grupp hantverkare, och en så enorm grupp som kan dra nytta av att de har ett behagligt, tilltalande och stimulerande verktyg, kan vi inte göra annat än belöna verktyget för webbpublicering.